admin August 1, 2018

Microsoft is starting to test its new Your Phone app for Windows 10. The software maker first unveiled the app back at the company’s Build developer conference in May, and it’s designed to mirror content from a phone to a PC. Android phone users will be able to test Your Phone first, with the ability to drag and drop recent photos straight into Office apps and other Windows apps direct from a phone. Microsoft is also planning to add support for text message sync and notifications from phones to mirror to a PC.

The Your Phone app requires an Android app to be installed to mirror phone content to a PC, and Microsoft is also planning to extend this same feature to iPhone users. Microsoft claimed photos and notifications will be mirrored from iPhones to Windows 10 PCs back at Build, but the company is only testing with Android right now. Microsoft’s latest blog post only mentions continue on PC features, and not the message, photo, and notifications sync.

The Your Phone app is being tested as part of Microsoft’s next Windows 10 update, codenamed Redstone 5. This update should be available in October, but it’s not clear if Your Phone will ship directly in this update or be made available as a separate app once testing is complete.

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