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Corsair began off as an elite PC memory maker, however they advanced into one of the biggest and most unmistakable organizations in the buyer PC showcase. Today the organization showcases a huge assortment of items, including essentially everything shy of motherboards and processors. One of their most prominent item extends is that of energy supply units (PSUs). The organization discharged their initial few PSUs in 2006 however today they are putting forth a tremendous assortment of items for each sort of client and application.

Half a month back we observed the HX850, one of Corsair’s better PSUs, an item intended for cutting edge gaming/workstation frameworks. Noteworthy as it might have been, its energy yield (and sticker price) without a doubt was over the top for the normal home client and easygoing gamer. With PSUs, greater isn’t better; utilizing a PSU that is unreasonably overwhelmed will compel it to work well outside its ideal stacking range, successfully decreasing its productivity and execution.

The ideal power extend for a commonplace home excitement/gaming framework for the most part is inside 400-600 Watts. Keeping that in mind, Corsair provided us with the TX550M, a PSU that the organization feels it is perfect for the standard gamer. We got the TX550M in a cardboard box that was particularly little in contrast with that of other Corsair items. In any case, the cardboard box is sufficiently solid to secure the PSU amid delivery. The craftsmanship depends on a similar yellow/dark that Corsair has been utilizing for as far back as quite a while, with a photo of the PSU being its focal point at the front of the bundle. A great deal of data is imprinted on the sides and back of the box.The heap of the TX550M is obviously basic. Inside the crate we discovered just the run of the mill AC control link, dark 3M mounting screws, a standard manual, a case identification, and a couple of short link ties. Corsair does not supply any thumbscrews, link lashes, or other accessories.The TX550M is a semi-particular PSU, implying that the essential 24-stick ATX and 4+4 stick CPU control links are hardwired to the unit yet whatever remains of the links are removable. The majority of the measured links are level, strip like, with every single dark wire and connectors. The same goes for the 4+4 stick CPU control link that is hardwired to the unit. The 24-stick ATX link is an exemption, with every dark wire that are wrapped inside a great dark nylon sleeve.

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